CCSD Budget Approval Tonight June 2

CCSD Budget Approval Tonight June 2

The FY17 budget for the Clarke County School District will be voted on at tonight’s board meeting at 6 pm at the H. T. Edwards complex, I am informed.  Normally the first Thursday of each month is a “work session,” but tonight’s work session will be preceded by both a “regular Board meeting” as well as a private executive session.

The summary of the tentative CCSD budget that is found here provides some updates on the salary data I discussed in an earlier blog post.   The board members’ collective salaries are unchanged in FY17.  Principals’ and assistant principals’ salaries are up to $4.21 million collectively, almost $1 million more than all the salaries for aides and parapros put together.

The superintendent’s salary is up to almost a quarter-million dollars (see image above).  Compared to 2015 salaries statewide, this would place the Clarke County superintendent just outside of the top 10 salaries for superintendents statewide.  For comparison with UGA salaries from the same site, the superintendent’s salary is just a few thousand dollars above the median 2015 pay for a dean at UGA.

For comparison, the median salary in 2015 for a high-school teacher in CCSD was in the low fifties range, and the median salary for a middle-school teacher in CCSD was in the upper forties.

See you at the Board meeting tonight.


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