A Census Graphic Worth 1,000 Words

A Census Graphic Worth 1,000 Words

My UGA Geography Department colleague Jerry Shannon is doing very interesting research related to the Athens community.

Today he posted a very simple image, based on 2010 U.S. Census data, depicting the population of Athens in terms of self-identified race/ethnic identity.  See above.  He’s looking at elementary school zones; the dots depict people, and the lines are the boundaries of the different school zones.

I think 10 different Athenians could look at this image and come away with 10 different insights about the Classic City.  Data-rich images like Jerry’s really are worth 1,000 words, or more.  I see segregation, and infer the different challenges likely faced by different elementary schools in CCSD.  You may see something entirely different.

I think the important thing is that we see it–that we see each other.  There is much not-seeing in Athens; you have to start somewhere, to understand that your part of Athens is not necessarily the same as someone else’s part of Athens.  That’s the beginning of empathy, which is the starting point for real change.

I’ll post this image on my campaign Facebook page as well.


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